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What is Coming Home & Leaving Home?

Coming home and leaving home features are convenience features that are often included in modern cars. These features allow the driver to control certain aspects of the car’s lighting and electrical systems remotely using a key fob or a smartphone app.

When the coming home feature is activated, the car’s exterior lights will turn on and remain on for a certain period of time (usually a few minutes) after the driver has turned off the engine and locked the car. This can be useful for illuminating the area around the car and making it easier to find the car in a dark parking lot or garage.

The leaving home feature works in a similar way, but it is activated when the driver unlocks the car and gets in. When this feature is activated, the car’s exterior lights will turn on and remain on until the driver starts the engine. This can help to make the car more visible to other drivers and pedestrians and can also make it easier for the driver to see their surroundings when getting into the car in the dark.

In addition to these convenience features, coming home and leaving home functions can also help to improve safety by making it easier for the driver to see and be seen when entering or exiting the car in low light conditions.

What is the DUMAN CH/LH-Module?

The DUMAN Coming Home / Leaving Home Module is a module that gives your car the ability to greet you every time when you lock or unlock the doors!

This universal DUMAN CH/LH module (installation set) allows your car lamps to burn (after) for a maximum of 60 seconds after you lock/unlock the car. The moment you lock the door centrally, your headlamps illuminate for up to 60 seconds and then switch off automatically. The aim is to illuminate the path from the parking lot to the front door and make it easier to get home.

When opening the central door lock, it is also possible to set the headlights temporarily for a maximum of 60 seconds. This is to make the way to your car easier.

  • Duration is adjustable from 5 to 60 seconds.
  • This installation contains a Dutch installation manual.

Installation can be done in several ways and that makes our DUMAN CH/LH Module unique in his being! For easy and fast installation we recommend that you install the DUMAN CH/LH directly to the wires of the headlights. But… You can also wire the DUMAN CH/LH Module directly behind your light switch for the best OEM+ experience.


The DUMAN CH/LH-Module is designed to recognize when the ignition is turned off and only activates in these circumstances. It can be triggered by one lock and one unlock input, which can be connected to the terminals of your central locking system. The duration of the coming home and leaving home functions can be easily adjusted using a potentiometer, with a range of options from 5 seconds up to 60 seconds. The system is protected with a 20A fuse for added safety.

Version 2.0

Introducing the CH/LH V2.0 – the next generation of CH/LH Module for your car.

With a maximum output of 55 watts and 21 watts, this system is capable of providing bright, reliable lighting for your car’s exterior. Plus, with its adjustable duration, you can set the CH/LH V2.0 to turn on your lights for anywhere between 5 and 60 seconds, depending on your preference.

But that’s not all – the CH/LH V2.0 also comes with an optional coming home trigger wire that can be wired to your high beams. This allows you to manually trigger the coming home function before stepping out of your car, ensuring that you have plenty of light to see by as you approach your car in the dark.

Overall, the CH/LH V2.0 is a convenient and easy-to-use Coming Home / Leaving Home Module that is sure to improve your driving experience. Upgrade your car’s lighting system with the CH/LH V2.0 today!

  • 2x Maximum Output of 55 watt
  • 2x Maximum Output of 21 watt
  • Duration is adjustable from 5 to 60 seconds.


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DUMAN CH/LH Module V2.0

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