DUMAN US-Module V1.5


The all new DUMAN US-Module V1.5 is now available in a compact form with higher quality chips built in! You’re getting the same quality that you are used from DUMAN and all of this in a nice compact form. By the way, did you know that you can also use our modules on different vehicles like Motor’s and Scooters? don’t limit your self!

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The all new DUMAN US-Module V1.5 is now available in a compact form with higher quality chips built in! You’re getting the same quality that you are used from DUMAN and all of this in a nice compact form. By the way, did you know that you can also use our modules on different vehicles like Motor’s and Scooters? don’t limit your self!

We can say for sure that the DUMAN US-Module is 100% the best module on the market. No other ‘US-Module’ (USA-LightsSide MarkersRunning Lights or Daytime Running Lights (DRL)) can compete with the functions and features that the DUMAN US-Module provides!

But what is a DUMAN US-Module?

The DUMAN US-Module is a compact and intelligent device that gives your car, motorcycle or scooter a luxurious look by keeping your Turn signal lights stay on when the ignition is turned on. This appearance is also known as USA-LightsSide MarkersRunning Lights or Daytime Running Lights (DRL).

This has been a standard in America since the 60’s and we put this technology in a small little box with an European twist. It works as follow:

When the module is installed and you turn on your vehicle the turn signals will turn on and stay on at the brightness you have set on the module, the brightness is easily adjustable. You can adjust the brightness by turning the potentiometer on the module itself, no extra gear or knowledge is required. When using your turn signals they will operate as usual, meaning that the other side will turn off so we do not confuse other road users.

You can accomplish all of this with just one DUMAN US-Module, everything is automatically managed by the module itself.

Benefits from DUMAN Modules

Your typical USA-Lights module is nothing more than a resistor and a diode that can malfunction under heat and stress that can not only damage the USA-Light module itself but also your vehicle! We have thoroughly tested multiple combinations of parts so we can provide the best quality to our customers, we use only premium parts so we don’t have heating issues. We solved all of these problems with our module. This also brings extra benefits that others do not have, we can stress the module more so we can squeeze extra performance. The most important one is that the DUMAN US-Module supports up to 2x 25watt!

But what about CANBUS Support? The DUMAN US-Module V1.5 has CANBUS compatibility, no need to adjust settings or soldering is required. Just install the Module and everything will be taken care off out-of-the-box.

We test every Module before sending it to you so you can start enjoying your Module. The implementation of the module is simplified and even user-replaceable cables, as the Faston connectors don’t require any soldering.

There’s a reason why everybody is talking about DUMAN Customs Modules. You’ve heard us on various Meetings, Tuning & Styling Centers, Forums, and Social Media! The reason is simple; We are the best and can therefore stand behind our products with 100% guarantee, DUMAN Community is fully aware of this and that shows.

But that’s not all – with PWM control, you can easily adjust the brightness of the US-Module to suit your needs. Simply turn the dial to go from 0% (off) to 100% brightness, allowing you to fine-tune the visibility of your vehicle. Plus, with the ability to increase your driving safety by up to 30%, the US-Module is a smart investment that will pay off every time you hit the road.

Safety is a top priority with the US-Module, which feature fuse protection and sealed components for moisture and vibration control. Plus, with no heat development and no malfunctions on the CANBUS system, you can trust that these lights will perform consistently and reliably. And with only one module required for both sides, installation is quick and easy.

But that’s not all – the US-Module also offer an optional SnakeSkin wiring protection harness and a keychain remote control, allowing you to easily manage your lights from a distance. And with a maximum output of 2x 25 watt and compatibility with both LED and halogen bulbs, the US-Module provide plenty of power and versatility.

So why wait? Upgrade your vehicle with the US-Module and enjoy increased safety, convenience, and performance on the road. With fully illustrated instructions and a compact size of 87 W x 49 L x 25 H mm, installation is a breeze. Plus, with no effect on normal light switch operation or interference with your AMP, you can trust that the US-Module will seamlessly integrate into your driving experience. Assembled in the Netherlands, this module is a high-quality, low-cost solution that’s sure to impress.


  • Both USA-Lights go out when the turning signals are activated (To avoid confussion on the road)
  • PWM Controlled: The power output on the USA-Lights are adjustable, with a turn you can go from 0% (off) up to 100% brightness.
  • Increase your driving safety up to 30%, make your vehicle easy to see
  • Fuse protection with sealed components for moisture and vibration control.
  • No heat development, no malfunctions on the CANBUS system and only 1 module is required for both sides.
  • Optional: SnakeSkin Wiring Protection Harnass (only with Deluxe and Premium Deluxe options)
  • Optional: Remote Control, Manage your USA-Lights with a keychain remote controll.
  • Maximum output 2x 25 watt!.
  • Works with LED and Halogen
  • Fully Illustrated Instructions
  • Low cost and easy to install
  • Assembled in the Netherlands
  • It will not effect normal light switch operation or dim the clock or radio display while in use.
  • No radio noise, no interference with your AMP
  • NEW small size 87 W x 49 L x 25 H mm

Available Options


The US-Module Basic Package includes everything you need to get started with the US-Module 1.5. Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast looking to tackle the wiring yourself or just looking for a hands-on experience, this package is for you. So go ahead and take on the challenge – this package has got you covered.

Basic + RC

The US-Module Basic RC Package is perfect for DIY enthusiasts who want to take on the challenge of installing the US-Module 1.5 and Remote Control themselves. This package includes all of the necessary accessories to get started, so you can get your hands dirty and eliminate the wiring harness with confidence. So go ahead and take on the challenge – this package has got you covered.

Deluxe Edition

If you’re a perfectionist who values a clean and organized under-hood appearance, then the Deluxe Edition is the right choice for you. To achieve an OEM+ look, the wiring harness in this package is wrapped in a SnakeSkin jacket, which not only looks sleek, but also protects against heat, dirt, and damage. So go ahead and take on the challenge of a professional-grade installation – this package has got you covered.

Premium Deluxe Edition

If you’re looking for the ultimate style and functionality, then the Premium Deluxe package is the perfect choice for you. This package includes all of the features of the Deluxe Edition, including a SnakeSkin wiring harness for a sleek and professional-grade appearance under the hood. But we didn’t stop there – we’ve also included a remote control, giving you even more control and convenience. With the Premium Deluxe package, you can be sure that everything will be neat and tidy, with no room for imperfection. So go ahead and upgrade to the Premium Deluxe package – you won’t be disappointed.

Are You A Truck Driver?

If you drive a truck rather than a car, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered too! The DUMAN US-Module 1.5 is also available in a 24v version specifically modified at the request of many truck drivers. This version is designed to work with the higher voltage systems found in most trucks and can be easily installed just like the standard 12v version.


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DUMAN US-Module V1.5

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